The Dark Web: The Unseen Side of the Internet

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The Up to Date Book on Dark Web, Deep Web & Dark Net

You must read this book if you want to learn about or embark on the dark web journey. In this short book, you'll learn the chilling tales of the dark web and dark net. You will know the fundamentals, the facts and figures about the surface web, the deep web and the dark web.

The book also provides a broad overview of current and emerging digital threats and computer crimes. You will be updated with crucial information on fraud and identity theft carried out daily on the dark web.

Specifically you will learn:

  • What exactly is the dark web?
  • The origin of the deep web and dark web.
  • Activities that take place on the dark web.
  • How the dark web affects you.
  • How personal data is sold on the dark web.
  • The pieces of data most often traded on the dark web.
  • Human organ trafficking and child pornography services in the dark web.
  • The dark web market places.
  • The Tor network & how the Tor browser works.
  • The story of Ross William Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road.
  • The truth about the surface web: why some sites cannot be trusted with your information.

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