Professional Programming From the Beginning: With Free Pascal And the Free Development Environment Lazarus

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3CONTENTS: This volume among others covers the following topics: - Installation of the development environment Lazarus - Basics of programming in (Free) Pascal - Modular programming with units - Creation of simple graphical user interfaces - Using the printer from your own programs - Creation and editing of simple graphics - Visualization of dynamic processes By numerous characteristic application examples the reader is quickly enabled to create individual applications with Lazarus by himself. Of course, typical pitfalls are clearly pointed out. Future volumes that deal with database techniques, internet applications and software technological aspects are under preparation. Further information about the book can be found at TARGETED GROUPS: Students of computer science, mathematics, engineering and natural sciences, both beginners and those who are changing from other programming languages or development environments, who would like to get to know the possibilities of the free development environment Lazarus more intensively or are planning to switch to this development tool.
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