Murach's HTML and CSS (5th Edition)

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d great but have been coded with what seems like 'duct-tape and bubble-gum' methods, just for appearances and not for professionalism or compliance. This book taught me all that is possible with HTML and CSS coding.... What a game changer!"

That's what one web designer posted about a previous edition of Murach's HTML and CSS. Now, this 5th Edition updates and improves all the HTML and CSS content in the book...and it's in full color so it's easier than ever to learn from it. In fact, whether you're a web designer, a JavaScript programmer, a server-side programmer, or a rookie, this book delivers all the HTML and CSS skills that you need on the job.

This book begins with an 8-chapter hands-on course that teaches you HTML and CSS from scratch, including the latest HTML and CSS features. This short course ends with a chapter that teaches you how to use fluid design and media queries to implement Responsive Web Design so your pages will look good and work right on any screen, from phone to tablet to desktop.

After that, the unique design of this book lets you go on to any other chapter to learn new skills whenever you need them. For example, chapters 9 and 10 show you how to use Flexible Box and Grid Layout. Chapter 13 shows you how to work with forms and data validation. Chapter 14 shows you how to enhance a site with video clips. Chapter 15 shows you how to use CSS transitions, transforms, and animations. Chapters 16 and 17 show you how to design and deploy a website. And chapter 18 introduces you to JavaScript, a must-have language that's the next step for many web developers.

One final point: After teaching you all the HTML and CSS skills that you need, this book becomes the best on-the-job reference you've ever used.

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