Machine Learning: 4 Books in 1: Basic Concepts + Artificial Intelligence + Python Programming + Python Machine Learning. A Comprehensive

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9If you are looking for a comprehensive guide that explains in a simple way how to manage machine learning and AI, please keep reading.

What do you need to learn to move from being a complete beginner to someone with advanced knowledge of machine learning? Have you ever wondered how to leverage big data from big tech companies (Google, Facebook e Amazon) to reach your objectives? Do you want to understand which ones are the best libraries to use and why is Python considered the best language for machine learning?

The term Machine Learning refers to the capability of a machine to learn something without any pre existing program. Automatic learning is a way to educate an algorithm to learn from various environmental situations. Machine learning involves the usage of enormous quantities of data and an efficient algorithm enabled to adapt and enhance its capabilities according to recurring situations. From banking operations to online shopping and also on social media, we daily use machine learning data algorithms to make our experience more efficient, simple and secure. Machine learning and its capabilities are rapidly becoming popular - we have just discovered part of its potential.

This bundle will give you all the information you need in order to leverage your knowledge and give you an excellent level of education. All the subjects will be supported by examples and practical exercises that will enable you to reinforce your level of knowledge

Specifically you will learn

  • What does Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence mean
  • Machine Learning evolution
  • Machine learning applications
  • Difference between AI and Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Connection between Machine Learning and Big Data
  • How to use Big Data from large size companies to make your business scalable
  • How to acquire new customers via simple marketing strategies
  • Python Programming
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • and much more.

This manual has been written to meet all levels of education. If your level of knowledge is low and you don't have any previous experience, this book will empower you to learn key functionalities and navigate through various subjects smoothly. If you have already a good understanding, you will find useful insights that will help to enhance your competences.

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