Zoom for Teachers: The 2020 Screen By Screen Guide To Use Zoom At Its Best. A Fool-Proof Approach To Meetings, Webinars & Online Lessons.

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6✓ Are you searching for an easy guide to take your teaching online without going mad? Would you like to learn how to set Zoom screen by screen? If yes, then keep reading...

Technology can be seen as a source of commitment since there are new skills to acquire and new tools to use. Still, it is also true that it offers several effective class management methods and innovative teaching possibilities that can significantly improve your work. In this scenario, this quick-start guide proposes itself as an unmissable tool for the teacher who wants to acquire the skills and methods to get started online. You will discover everything you need to know to get your digital class using Zoom Cloud Meetings(TM), the most reliable and intuitive video conferencing software. However, if you are just looking for a stiff technical manual, it would be better to look elsewhere, in this guide you will find much more.

✓ How this book is different...

Most Zoom books focus only on theoretical information and do not explain the sequence and when you should prefer one setting over another. This straight to the point book will allow you to master the platform in all its functions with an illustrated process in less than 24 hours.

Zoom for Teachers answers the questions of all those who, out of passion, curiosity or necessity, face a virtual classroom as teachers or students. Born from an online happy hour during the lockdown imposed by Covid-19, it is a book written by educators for educators.

Besides, at the end of the book, you will be guided through a series of advanced strategies to protect your account that will guarantee the success of your activities, prevent Zoombombing and safeguard your privacy.

✓ In detail, this book allows you to...

  • Get a comprehensive overview of Zoom and feel ready to start your teaching activity
  • Follow an illustrated process to set up your account without stress
  • Learn everything about the platform and its features
  • Get to know the most useful features to enrich your activities
  • Get the correct settings to protect your privacy and avoid Zoombombing
  • Discover some tips and tricks about Zoom that you'll have never heard before...no, really
  • And much more

Even if you have never felt comfortable with technology, this guide will take you every single step to get started as a digital teacher and discover practical ways to connect with students, keep safe your virtual class and enrich your activities. Don't wait any longer...

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