Guide books For Minecraft: 3 Books in 1: All the Secrets, tips and tricks you will ever need in the Minecrafter's world, for noobs and for expert

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3 BOOKS in 1

Beginner's guide for Minecraft + Handbook for Minecraft + Secrets for Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to be the greatest Minecraft player in the world? How do you live through the first night in Minecraft? Are you tired of being blown up by creepers? Do you stay awake at night looking out your window as skeletons and zombies as they rule the dark hours?

All you need is education, education, education and......pretty pictures.

Well, we have exactly what you are looking for in your gaming experience. All of this and more is contained within these pages.

  • Amaze and astound your friends and family by showering them with diamonds. Oh yes, diamonds within one hour of starting the game.
  • Turn your builds around and to make them so astounding, your friends will want to contract you to build their structures for them.
  • Use Redstone by doing a simple door trick that looks super professional and yet requires no understanding of how Redstone works.
  • Learn how to enchant like an insane magician by manipulation of enchanting and learning how to level really fast.
  • Never feel stupid again when you walk into a village. You will be prepared. Pictures taken straight from the game so that you understand what is being discussed.
  • Tell the difference between a spruce tree and an oak
  • Know what plants plant and how to use them
  • Is fishing for you? Farming? Mining? Woodcutting? Or perhaps you are someone who wants to try it all
  • You will be ready to see all the biomes and can categorically tell your friends where you are when you arrive.
  • You will become an all-rounded Minecraft player

This collection is a compilation of over 10 years of solid Minecraft play. We are talking about experience from back when Minecraft was in version 2.

If you want to change your gaming experience one Minecraft block at a time and see the greatest and fastest way to diamond ever conceived in the game of Minecraft, look no further, this bundle goes into your collection.

We know Minecraft, do you?

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