iPhone for Dummies

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iPhone For Dummies, the much-loved guide to Apple's killer smartphone, is updated for 2023. This book walks you through all the latest features of iOS 16 and the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 14. Looking for a guide to an older model? We've got you covered there, too, with plenty of know-how that applies to previous iPhones. Keep in touch with family and friends all over the world with calls, texts, and FaceTime. We'll also show you how to use your iPhone as a music player, a gaming system, a camera, and a productivity enhancer, all wrapped up in one touch-screen package.

  • Learn your way around your Apple iPhone 14 (or older models)
  • Discover the new features of iOS 16 and make the most of your phone
  • Customize your settings, keep your phone secure, and master the apps
  • Take pictures, communicate with FaceTime, play games, and beyond

iPhone For Dummies offers expert insight on how to make the most of your iPhone and its updated features. Peek inside for the latest iOS 16 features, as well as the updated hardware features on the latest iPhone models.

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