Beginning AutoCAD 2020 Exercise Workbook

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8For more than two decades, the Beginning AutoCAD(R) Exercise Workbook has been THE definitive tutorial for those learning and teaching about the CAD software. And as the AutoCAD package has continued to improve, so has this work, with better graphics, enhanced standard features (such as "CAD Tips" and side-by-side inch/metric measurements), and additional practical exercises.
AutoCAD 2020 is packed with new features. The Exercise Workbook shows users and instructors how to unleash the power of AutoCAD with easy-to-follow lessons and tutorials on the many tools and commands available to create, tweak, and perfect a drafting, drawing, design, or 3D printed final product. Visual learners will be especially pleased with the heavily illustrated format, and the way the authors' lessons and exercises progress seamlessly from the basics to more sophisticated projects.

For users of AutoCAD(R), there is simply no better resource on the market.


This top-selling Workbook includes a dynamic feature called "CAD Tips" interspersed throughout the lessons to provide insider information from longtime AutoCAD experts. Side-by-side inch/metric measurements make the work accessible to AutoCAD users around the globe.
New Features in AutoCAD 2020

  • Dark and light theme, making the command buttons to stand out more, and making the interface look more like the Windows 10 operating system dialog box appearance.
  • New Blocks Palette, allowing users to view blocks before inserting them, with the added ability to insert blocks from current, recent, and saved drawings.
  • Purge, making it easier to find and remove unused layers, text object, dimension styles, etc.
  • Drawing Compare Enhancements, enabling users to compare 2 drawings and actually edit them at the same time.
  • Quick Measure, revealing the size of all objects in length, width, angles, radius, or diameter.
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