How to Protect Yourself from Your Computer

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Are you frustrated with your computer? Bombarded by error messages? Did your uncle's neighbor's cat's cousin come over and install pirated software? Is your computer dreadfully slow? Don't bother buying a new one In this book, you'll learn:

About viruses, spyware, toolbars, and spam
How fake cleaning programs turned the industry into a grease fire
(and how your local computer guy may be pouring water on it)
What really causes slow computers
How fake tech support scammers scare you out of your money
What a proper, verifiable backup is
How to avoid buying a new computer every few years
How to avoid spending a fortune on printer ink
Why updates ruin your phone so often
Who's monitoring what you say and type - legally
How the industry plans on controlling us next

...all in Plain English

This book is meant to act as a guide for the 99% of intelligent people on Earth who are intimidated by technology and don't want to become programmers or mechanics just to get online. We'll go inside the mind of the the "more features = better" geeks responsible for all the helplessness, we'll de-mystify and debunk the myths and rumors, and we'll get you feeling more confident in no time

Teknosophy, LLC