Oracle 10g New Features for Administrators Training in Helena

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Course Description

This class will introduce the experienced Oracle DBA to the new features contained in Oracle Database 10g. As students are introduced to the various new features, labs will reinforce the material presented in this course. Once this course is completed, the student will have gained the foundational knowledge to begin to administer Oracle 10g databases.
Course Length: 5 Days
Course Tuition: $2090 (US)


Basic knowledge of Oracle 9i.

Course Outline


1.   Migrating to Oracle 10g

The Different Editions of Oracle

Database 10g

Oracle Database Installation New

Features — CD Contents

The SYSAUX Tablespace

10g Upgrade Paths and Methods

Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)

Manual Upgrade

Preparing to Upgrade to Oracle10g

Rolling Back to a Previous Version

Steps to Roll Back

2.  Database Extraction and Loading

New Features

Cross-Platform Transportable


Transporting a Tablespace between


Converting the Byte Format

New Oracle Database External Table


External Table Creation in Parallel

The Oracle Data Pump Architecture

Configuring the Database to Use Data


Using the expdp and impdp Tools

Import and Export via the Oracle Data


Using Interactive Mode

3.  Tuning and Management

Basic Initialization Parameters

Automatic Shared Memory Management

Configuring Automatic Shared Memory

FLUSHING the Buffer Cache

New 10.2 Tuning and Management


Automatic Statistics Collection

Automatic Undo Management and


Guaranteed Undo Retention

Automatic Checkpoint Tuning

Using the DBMS_SQLTUNE Package


4.  Oracle 10g Advisor Framework and Advisors

The Advisor Framework

Automatic Workload Repository

Managing AWR

Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

SQL Tuning Advisor

SQL Access Advisor

Segment Advisor

Undo Advisor

5.  OEM: The Database Control

Introducing Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Database Control Home Page

Starting and Using Database Control

Database Control Performance Page

Administration and Maintenance Home Pages

Determine Which Database Features are in Use


Configuring Server-Generated and

Threshold-Generated Alerts

Automating Routine Administrative


6.  Server Management New Features

Default User Tablespaces

Rename Tablespaces

Temporary Tablespace Groups

Bigfile Tablespaces

Dropping Empty Datafiles

Drop Database Command

Shared Server Changes

7.  New Segment Features

New Table Monitoring Behaviors

Hash-Partitioned Global Indexes

Skipping Unusable Indexes

New Partitioned Index Management


Sorted Hash Clusters

Shrinking Segments Online

Estimating Segment Resource Requirements

Materialized Views

8.  New Security Features

Fine-Grained Auditing

Virtual Private Database

Column-Level VPD

Column-Level VPD Example

The DBMS_ CRYPTO Package

Transparent Data Encryption

9.  Availability and Recovery — RMAN

Introducing the Flash Recovery Area

Configuring and Managing the Flash

Recovery Area

RMAN Flash Backup and Recovery

RMAN Backup Compression




Other RMAN New Features

10.  Availability and Recovery — Flashback Database

Incremental Backup Changes

Flashback Database


Flashback Drop

Flashback Versions

Flashback Transactions

Simplified Recovery through Resetlogs

11.  The Scheduler

Scheduler — Introduction

Architecture of the Scheduler

Job Class and Windows

Privileges Needed for Scheduler Components

Creating Jobs, Programs, and Schedules

Administering Jobs, Programs, and Schedules

Scheduler-Related Data Dictionary


Repeat Intervals for a Job

Event-based Scheduling

Customized Calendars

Job Chain Concepts

Managing Job Chains

12.  Automatic Storage Management

ASM Overview

Administering ASM Disk Groups

Creating A Disk Group

Altering ASM Diskgroups

Rebalancing Disksgroups

POWER Clause

ASM Templates, Directories, and Aliases

Administration of ASM Directories

ASM Failure Groups

Creating and Managing an ASM Instance

ASM Initialization Parameters

Migrating to ASM — RMAN

Steps to Disk-Based Migration of a Database to ASM

Steps to Migrating a Database to ASM

Using Tape Backups

10g Release 2 ASM Functionality

ASM-Related Data Dictionary Views

13.  New and Updated SQL Features

Partitioned Outer Joins

New CONNECT BY Functionality

Asynchronous commit

The Model Clause (in Narrow Calculations)

MERGE Command

Aggregates in the Returning Clause

Table Function

Regular Expressions




More on Regular Expressions

The SAMPLE Clause

Case- and Accent-Insensitive Queries

14.  SQL*Plus New Features

Improvements to DESCRIBE and SPOOL

Changes to SQL*Plus Profile Files

SQL*Plus Variable Substitution

Other Enhancements in SQL*Plus

15.  Application-Related New Features

User-Specified Quote Characters

LOB-Related New Features and




The UTL_MAIL Package


Other New and Modified Oracle10g

Supplied Packages

New IEEE Floating Point Types

16.  PL/SQL New Features

Natively-Compiled PL/SQL


Compile-Time Warnings

FORALL — Support for Non-Consecutive Indexes in Collections

Nested Table Improvements

Improved Overloading With Numeric Types

Overloading Guidelines and Restrictions

Other PL/SQL New Features

17.  Networking New Features

New Connect String Format

Buffer Space I/O Configurations

Tuning SEND_BUF_SIZE and


New Protocol Support

SDP Protocol Pre-Installation Requirements

Connection Manager

Configuring Connection Manager

18.  Other Oracle 10g New Features

Oracle Net Instant Client

Transaction Monitoring

End-to-End Application Tracing

Log Miner

Resumable Space Management

RBO Obsolete in Oracle Database 10g

Database Resource Manager — Consumer Groups

Database Resource Manager — Setting Idle Timeouts

Online Limit Changes

19.  Appendix A - Real Application

Clusters Enhancements

Integrated Clusterware Utility

CRS Installation

Oracle Cluster Registry and Oracle

Cluster File System

Automatic Workload Management

Workload Management

Single System Image Management

Fast Connection Failover

Zero Downtime Patching and Improved Diagnostics

20.  Appendix B – Oracle 10g New Data

Dictionary Views

New Data Dictionary Views

New Dynamic Performance Views

New Columns in Static Data Dictionary


New Columns in Dynamic Performance Views

21.  Appendix C – Oracle 10g New Supplied Packages

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